PASPRT Asset Label

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We’ve solved the conundrum of how to recover your lost phone, tablet, laptop or other device without disclosing your identity to would-be or opportunist identity thieves.

Activate your PASPRT Asset Label in our app; stick it securely to your device, and you’re covered.

If you lose it, a finder or the police can simply type in the code at and you’ll be notified that it’s been found. You can then arrange to recover the property directly or ask for it to be handed in to a neutral third party (like the police).

With our tag longevity guarantee, if your tag starts to look a little tired with all your travelling, just let us know and we’ll replace it for you free of charge, provided you have at least 3 months left of your subscription.

Not ready for a long-term thing? You can extend your subscription in the app.